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Hollard Health: A New Era For Health in Africa

Hollard was born in Africa and we are greatly influenced by each region we serve. We remain fully invested in not just the continent, but the health of her people too. We’re passionate about Africa and believe that the path to a brighter future lies in paving the way to good health for her people.

We’re here to help you pave the way to good health for your employees with our expert health insurance services.
International Quality Health Benefits With On-The-Ground Delivery for Africa

We bring unrivalled healthcare to businesses operating across Africa by providing locally admitted, and therefore compliant, health insurance with value-for-money benefits and global administration capabilities.

Compassionate and Collaborative Health Care

As an employer, we work with you to help you and your employees to thrive by offering the best guidance available as well as access to the most cutting-edge tools and technologies. When things take a turn for the worse, we’re all hands on deck, all the way - providing you with access to the best medical care possible.

From Health Cover to Health Empowerment

This is health insurance that goes beyond the norm. Combining world-leading tech with the human touch, Hollard Health empowers members to take charge of their health with easy-to-understand information and smart tools. The result is the necessary support to help you and your employees make the best decisions for your health and well-being, now and into the future.

Plans to Suit Ever-Evolving Africa

Because we know that Africa’s demands are unique, we are committed to helping the continent thrive by offering the right health insurance for its diverse needs. We offer easy-to-understand, modular plans for employers to mix and match to suit their needs. For you, this means that whether it’s the $75,000 Basic Plan to the $10 million Complete Plan, we make it work for your employees and your pocket.

  • Whether you’re looking for:
  • •   Expatriate employees' health insurance
  • •  Local employees' health insurance
  • •   Pan-African health insurance
  • •  International health insurance benefits

You can choose if you want only Step 1 which will give you our Basic Plan. Thereafter you can decide if you would like to add Step 2 and have the Enhanced Plan and finally, you can add all 3 steps and so have our Complete Plan. Within each step, you can choose the option that you require. If it was unclear, you cannot skip a step, but you can mix and match your options.

All of the values reflected above are the annual maximum benefit that applies for each of the steps. However, the option you select in Step 1, also determines the policy's annual maximum benefit, which is the total that we will pay in a year when you sum the amounts we have paid for all the treatment a single insured person had in a year. 

This is a very high-level summary of the benefits we offer, for the full details of all that we cover, the limit, sub-limits and any other limitations, please refer to the complete benefit overview.

Depending on where your employees come from, where they wish to get treatment and where you need them to travel to, you can select from one of the following areas of cover:

  1. Africa and India
  2. Africa, India and Europe
  3. Worldwide Excluding the USA
  4. Worldwide

Our footprint

Hollard Health Key Values

Better Health for Better Futures

We are of Africa and for Africa. We understand Africa’s unique demands and are committed to helping the continent thrive by offering the right health insurance.

Using Tech for Greater Health

We leverage technology but never forget our humanity. Every individual is treated with respect and compassion, and we are available whenever you need us. We break down barriers, reimagine, and constantly look for better solutions. Our highly efficient platform manages processes and handles day-to-day claims, but when the big stuff happens, real people with real expertise and experience are there to guide individuals every step of the way.

Getting the Right Healthcare at the Right Time

When things do go wrong, because life can always intervene, we focus on how swiftly we can help make things right again. We have the experience and capabilities to give you access to the right information, quality providers and expert care when it matters the most. We take care of the details so that you can focus on recovery.

Essentially, we combine cutting-edge technology with the human touch.

Download our brochure to get all the details of our benefits.

Alternatively, please reach out to us by email at sales@hollardhealth.com to find out more about how we can support you.

We are proud members of the Hollard Insurance Group, and you can click here to find out more about South Africa's largest privately-owned insurance group.